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I'm handy to have around the office

Deep Focus has many sister companies under the Engine Group. In San Francisco, our office has three of those companies sharing a work space. Our team wanted to celebrate this by creating a reel to be continuously played in our foyer for guests.

*This video runs continuously in our foyer. Because of this, the timing is set at a gentle pace. I’d suggest skipping through at your own leisure.


Art Direction, Animation, Execution

This winter I was asked to create the holiday card for Deep Focus US. I chose to add some "agency personality" with a few not so traditional illustrations hidden in the artwork.


Concepting, Art Direction, Illustration, Execution

Our San Francisco office needed a way to show off our beloved team members, and their (what we like to believe) endearing personalities. This is how we did that.


Art Direction, Photography, Production, Execution

At the end of 2016, our President wanted to show her team a little appreciation. With words chosen by their peers, I created artwork to be printed and hung in their offices.


Art Direction, Illustration, Execution

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