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After studying what performs well on this particular platform, our team decided to capture audience attention by pairing each device with a personality/profession. By doing this we put our audience first, by showing them how Intel’s devices can complement their lifestyles and aid them in their studies.


Concepting, Art Direction, Photography, Compositing, Execution

Similar to The Buyers Guide, we honed in on a particular interest of our audience (in this case fashion), and showcased the best of emerging fashion tech. As well as creating awareness around the new technologies emerging, it also educated users of Intel’s involvement.


Concepting, Art Direction, Execution

Flight Lab

As Intel’s Flight Lab series hits Facebook, Intel wanted to promote the content with hype reels featuring each racer. These reels reflect the flying style of each pilot. Colby Curtola is know for not holding back, therefore crashes constantly. Conrad Miller likes to fly smooth trajectories, and Zoe Stumbaugh is known for preferring to fly upside down.


Social Support, Video Editing, Mixing

Windows 10 Launch

Our team was asked to produce lifestyle photography celebrating the launch of Windows 10. These shots were taken around San Francisco with a youthful feel in mind. Here we demonstrate the innovative capabilities of the new Window's operating system.


Art Direction, Photography, Execution

Diversity Awareness

Intel prides themselves on being leaders in the tech industry. They’re also leading the way on social issues. Intel’s yearly diversity report had such successful figures, the team wanted to celebrate their stats by sharing them on social media.


Art Direction, Execution
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