Uber Eats

McDonald's Global Shoot


As Creative Lead for Enterprise, I noticed a lack of photography celebrating the partnership we have with Mcdonald’s. Our teams across the globe were also feeling this need for assets, so we decided to create a library of evergreen visuals. These images will be used for upcoming projects worldwide.


Art Direction, Social Support/Global Distribution

CD/ACD | Chris Brown/Natalie Purbrick
Art Director | Verity Peets
Producer | Kelly Leggoe
Photographer | Mitch Tobias
McDonald's Food Stylist | Karen Shinto

We hope to roll these out in all forms of media. Below, you can see examples of how they'll live as stand alone photography, social media posts, and campaign posters. These visuals will also be used for our Uber Eats blog, in-app billboards, in-store collateral, OOH campaigns, and much more. Keep an eye out this 2018!

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